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Another Social Retailing Mirror Emerges

Another example of the shopping approach we pioneered in 2007 called Social Retailing which combines the social networks with the physical stores to enable shoppers to connect with their friends in real-time. Read more about the solution developed by digital signage OmniMirror from Australian software company 5 Faces.

Gucci combines physical, mobile commerce via digital store-in-store

Italian fashion house Gucci is working with Samsung Electronics to offer an immersive in-store experience devoted to the label’s timepieces and jewelry that combines physical and mobile commerce.

“Gucci is essentially providing the ability to learn more about its product line through multichannel approaches with a focus on visual storytelling,” said Dalia Strum, president of Dalia Inc., New York.

“The multiple points of entry to reach as well as educate their consumers establishes a content value across each platform and should result in a stronger return on investment for the brand,” she said.

1) Consumers can scan QR codes placed on Facebook, Google+ and a video on Gucci’s watches and jewelry microsite at http://www.guccitimeless.com to view mobile-optimized content about the new timepieces (see story).

2) The label will push its Bamboo and I-Gucci watch collections via an in-store display with Samsung’s new transparent viewing screens and offer browsing opportunities with a digital shop-in-shop section. Read more on Digital In Store.

The Future of Location-Based Messaging

Services like Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook are growing to involve more real time video chatting. Expect to see location-based messaging being used for ‘online’ places, like virtual reality communities.

ChatSq, built on the Foursquare API, has picked up on this potential of leaving messages for friends to get when they get to a location, experimenting with connecting Foursquare users by creating chat rooms that are tied to venues. Enabling each venue to have it’s own mobile social network.

Loopt expanded its ping feature to “location-based text message” making use of push notifications to allow users to communicate and subsequently share their location through the Loopt service. Loopt allows a user to “group message” any number a friends checked into the same location. When running late to meet friends for dinner you can update the whole group waiting at the restaurant (provided they’re friends on Loopt) with your current location.

Maybelline Digital Signage Campaign

Maybelline NY new interactive campaign is very experiential and connects shoppers from around the globe. It combines digital out of home, social media & real-time video. Maybelline’s campaign invited Russian female citizens to submit three photos of themselves using a dedicated Facebook app. The photos are turned into a short personal video that’s featured on one of Clear Channel’s billboards in Times Square for a chance to win a trip to New York. Passersby in Times Square are invited to vote for their favorite contestant on Maybelline’s website. The person with the most votes wins. In addition to broadcasting the campaign live in Times Square, participants based in Russia are able to track what was happening on the billboard live 24/7 through a livestream video.

Maybelline NY – Win New York at a Glance campaign (3) from Vlad Sitnikov on Vimeo.

“Likes” Hangars: Mashup up of Facebook and the Real World

The “Likes” of page visitors to Brazilian retailer C&A are recorded and displayed in real-time on specially designed clothes-hangers at the brand’s store. Read more ideas here.

“Tweet” Success

Check out this post by David Kerpen. 9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter Cisco is one of them!

There are some other examples:

Target doesn’t have an identified team of people, you interact with the brand. All their tweets come from “Target Tweets.” They do take ownership of mistakes and distribute comments to the different departments, they provide customer service information and if someone complains that an item is sold out they try to find it for them. Last holiday season they asked people to share their #TweetTidings and rewarded them with a $10 gift code. Sometimes they would just pick up tweets and reward them with $10 gift code!


Great Flip Promotion

Flip Your Profile enabled people to turn their static Facebook picture in to a video. At the end of the video you could buy a Flip through Facebook.

Social Retailing at The Home Depot

It all started in March 2007 when an MSN Money article called “Is Home Depot Shafting Shoppers” by Scott Burns got a lot of feedback. The response on the discussion boards was overwhelming – 7,000 comments within 3 weeks all echoing the same sentiment. The Home Depot CEO posted commentary asking customer’s to give them time to improve customer service and their help in making it a better place to work. This was the first foray in to social media and it opened everyone’s eyes to see how engaged and passionate people were about their brand.

Fast-forward four years, The Home Depot has come up with an interesting model for enabling their employees to assist customers through social media. They aren’t the first to get employees answering customers questions through social media channels, Best Buy has a community team, that answers questions, rates answers online and utilizes Twitter in multiple languages called the Twelpforce.

According to AdAge, The Home Depot’s model is a bit different, they developed a hybrid model of social-media store associates. When the social media team approached the CEO with a request to start a social media team, Mr. Blake pushed back, saying that Home Depot’s store associates were the company’s strongest source of knowledge, and he wanted to think about how to use them before adding people to the corporate communications team.

The Realtime Report has a decent summary of the model.

Interesting presentation by Nick Ayers from The Home Depot in 2008. According to Nick, The Home Depot has the following 3-prong strategy:
1) Capture lost or on the fence customers
2) Connecting with new customer’s such a new home owners
3) Engage associates in a way they haven’t done before. The 300,000 employees have tribal improvement knowledge that they want to leverage. The Digital Orange Apron is an extension of an iconographic part of the brand.

Kenmore Live Studio: Platform for Brand Engagement

Kenmore was at a crisis point – shares and brand equity were down – so they entirely redesigned everything from products to advertising and digital programs based on customer insight. Their social media strategy was a big part of this transformation. One of their initiates that appears to be very successful is the creation of the Kenmore Live Studio.

The studio, located in Chicago, is used for special live events such as guest-chef demos, competitions with fashion designers, concerts & even a comedic laundry series. The Live Studio’s events always use Kenmore appliances and are streamed live on Facebook. A unique approach for bringing together the offline and online experience.

Here is a terrific Critical Mass Blog entry that expands on the story and offers the following tips for being a social media master:

– Creating something that helps customer connect to the brand emotionally
– Letting their customers do the talking
– Stay within their brand’s truth
– Combining creativity with analytics
– Being courageous

It will be interesting to see what business impact can be tied back to this effort.

Urban EcoMap Launched

UrbanEcoMap launched today! The goal of this site is to empower the citizens of San Francisco with information and tools around the personal activities that produce green house gas emissions (energy, waste and transportation) so they can make informed decisions on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Tools on the site enable them to evaluate scenarios and see the resulting impact. They can build a personal plan based on their lifestyle and the level of effort and cost they are willing to invest. They are given visibility o how their zip code compares to others which we hope will motivate the individuals in the poorly performing neighborhoods to do their part to change their behaviors.

The site design was done in partnership with Level Studios. We strove to make this interface easy to use but the urban information design can ultimately only be as good as the data. Today the data is being drawn from a number of sources including PG&E, department of motor vehicles and the waste management companies. The ambition is to get to real-time data (sensors, mobile devices, etc) because we think that this will have the biggest effect on attitudes and therefore behaviors. We designed the User Interface to be able to accommodate information from additional sources in the future.

Coca-Cola Fan Page

The Coca-Cola fan page wasn’t created by Coke. Coke approached the fans and asked to partner with Coke to manage the page which is an interesting approach to social media by such a large company.

Read the AdAge story.

See PageDate for current rankings.

Surface Table at Rio iBar

Harrah’s Entertainment has Microsoft Surface tables in their IBar at the Rio, offering a variety of customized games and “flirting” apps that can be used between tables. Customer’s can also use a custom cocktail application that lets them mix their own drinks and then order them remotely or send them to other people in the bar. The flirting app let’s you view other tables through a video cam and send in-bar instant messaging. Games including pinball and bowling.

Promotional video

Short video made a by a guest showing the “Flirt” Application that let’s you send messages to other tables.

Blommingdales Launch!

The mirror launch in Bloomingdale’s 59th Street Store was a huge success for Nanette Lepore. “Social Retailing” mashes together social networking and the brick-and-mortar store so customers can connect live with their online friends while they shop. An interactive mirror transmits high-bandwidth video to friends who comment back via instant message (IM) and who send their own suggestions from an online catalogue. Check it out this week at the Bloomingdale’s Nanette Lepore boutique and experience for yourself what many are calling the future of shopping.