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Burberry Flagship

The new Burberry Flagship store has some great real-life digital (the combination of digital/physical experiences). Much of what was deployed has similar elements we deployed for the Prada Store which is so great to see!

Creative Ways to Enhance Event Experiences using Mobile & Extended Internet

I attended a conference hosted by Level Design Studios. They had developed a mobile app that facilitated me through the entire event. It was spot on from the directions on how to get there, location of activities and the ability to send in my feedback on the sessions. The user interface was simple and easy to use. There is also a gallery of photos of the event that was updated after the event – extending the experience beyond the two days.

There was a QR code on the back of all the badges. The app had a QR code scanner built in and I could use it to scan attendees QR codes and save their information directly to my address book.

I started looking in to other examples and found the following (none of them facilitate the experience like the Level app):

Coca-Cola Marketing Event Tracked Facebook Users
Visitors to the Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel wore RFID bracelets. This allowed participants to log into their Facebook accounts and then ‘like’ various attractions such as the water slides and video games. If the park photographer took their pic, they only had to flash their bracelet in order to be tagged in the photo.

Facebook Tests Location Through RFID AT f8
Attendees of the f8 developer conference are receiving special RFID tags that enable them to check-in to various locations throughout the conference venue. The service let you tag yourself in photos, become a fan of various Facebook Pages, and share activity to your Facebook profile. While it’s still a concept service, it’s interesting to see some of the things that Facebook developers are currently testing.

Consumer Privacy is Not a Barrier to RFID Use in Stores

When a new technology is introduced that impacts consumers there is usually apprehension. With barcodes, there was worry that retailers would be able to change prices without consumers’ knowledge; and entering credit card information for online purchases raised concerns about identity theft. With Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a technology that involves a tag that emits a radio signal to a device called a reader, the debate is focused on the potential for privacy infringement. Read my white paper titled Consumer Privacy is Not a Barrier to RFID Use In Stores.

RFID Shows Gains Over EAS

I was interviewed for an article on the benefits of RFID over EAS and it caused a bit of at stir with the folks who provide the EAS systems. Makes me think that we might be on to something!