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Burberry Flagship

The new Burberry Flagship store has some great real-life digital (the combination of digital/physical experiences). Much of what was deployed has similar elements we deployed for the Prada Store which is so great to see!

Adidas Interactive Shopping Window

Adidas NEO has created an interactive shopping window experience with QR Codes. People can scan the QR Code and shop immediately using their mobile phone.

Maybelline Digital Signage Campaign

Maybelline NY new interactive campaign is very experiential and connects shoppers from around the globe. It combines digital out of home, social media & real-time video. Maybelline’s campaign invited Russian female citizens to submit three photos of themselves using a dedicated Facebook app. The photos are turned into a short personal video that’s featured on one of Clear Channel’s billboards in Times Square for a chance to win a trip to New York. Passersby in Times Square are invited to vote for their favorite contestant on Maybelline’s website. The person with the most votes wins. In addition to broadcasting the campaign live in Times Square, participants based in Russia are able to track what was happening on the billboard live 24/7 through a livestream video.

Maybelline NY – Win New York at a Glance campaign (3) from Vlad Sitnikov on Vimeo.

Guess Self-Service iPad in Aisle

Guess puts iPads in stores to enhance shopping
Lifestyle apparel brand Guess is arming stores with iPads to enhance the overall shopping experience and generate additional sales. The iPads are mounted on rolling stands that serve as self-service kiosks to Guess’ online resources for a wider product selection. Store associates can also roll the self-service kiosks into dressing rooms to visually display options and accessories to shoppers. Within the store, the application allows shoppers and store associates to browse various styles via the LookBook functionality and to select products for either immediate purchase or order online if the product is not available in the store. After hours, the iPad is set up to deliver training videos to store associates and managers. Guess has also deployed the iPad solution to it outside store activity including some events, including the recent Jingle Ball at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and on a 6-week road show in Asia. Guess currently has iPads use in a dozen stores in the United States with plans to roll them out to additional locations this year.

See my prior post 5 Examples of Mobile Apps for Employees.

Wal-Mart uses Facebook to drive localized marketing

Wal-Mart launched My Local Walmart, a page that lets the retailer’s roughly nine million Facebook fans follow what is happening at stores in their neighborhoods.

The effort covers about 3,500 Wal-Mart outlets and will send alerts to the company’s Facebook fans about new products and discounts, the companies said.

“With early Walmarts, customers would walk in and ask the store manager to get a product,” said Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer of Wal-Mart. “This is going to allow this kind of communication at national scale. Stores become more relevant on a local level because of interaction with customers.”

Walmart’s 9.4 million fans can click on the “My Local Walmart” tab and select their favorite stores. Fans then are directed to a page featuring with sale items and local event information. Customers also can report problems and ask questions.

Read the full reuters article here. “Wal-Mart, Facebook unveil partnership”

“Tweet” Success

Check out this post by David Kerpen. 9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter Cisco is one of them!

There are some other examples:

Target doesn’t have an identified team of people, you interact with the brand. All their tweets come from “Target Tweets.” They do take ownership of mistakes and distribute comments to the different departments, they provide customer service information and if someone complains that an item is sold out they try to find it for them. Last holiday season they asked people to share their #TweetTidings and rewarded them with a $10 gift code. Sometimes they would just pick up tweets and reward them with $10 gift code!


Kohl’s Kiosk Shows Positive Results!

"Online" Kiosk Enables Access to all Inventory

This is a great proof point that consumers want more than a multi-channel experience. They want anywhere, anytime purchasing power.

At Kohls a portion of the digital bonanza is coming from a somewhat unlikely location: within Kohl’s brick-and-mortar stores. Kiosks installed chainwide in 2010 accounted for $30 million in sales during the 2010 fall season, according to CFO Wesley McDonald.

Read the full story.

Cisco’s New Health Center: Transforming the Patient (and Employee) Experience

Onsite Health Center for Cisco employees and their families delivers a next-generation online and in office experience – customized to patient needs. Our team designed overall patient experience including creative strategy for the website.

The goal of this project was to design the best patient experience for Cisco employees that will generate healthy decisions by employees that translate in to healthier employees which can be measured by a reduction in health care spent and an increase in productivity.

Like many other, Cisco was experiencing double-digit growth in health-related costs year over year. While reducing benefits or shifting the increasing costs to employees are options others sometimes choose, Cisco was committed to pursue another path – a path in which the company provides tools for its employees to use to improve their health status and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Since Cisco enjoys a high employee retention rate, the company stands to reap big benefits from these improvements.

One of the strategies is a custom-designed onsite health and healing clinic and affiliated upgraded fitness center, called the LifeConnections Center, on the San Jose corporate campus. As one might expect at Cisco, all employees are “connected” and use internet tools to perform virtually every aspect of their work. They have unique and forward-thinking expectations of how they want to interact with the world. As much as possible, access to scheduling, medical records, and communication with clinicians should be available over the web. The LifeConnections clinic will provide the most technologically advanced processes available in order to meet the expectations of this population, including such things as easy check in, access to electronic and personal health records, convenient onsite pharmacy and laboratory. It is also a way to showcase how Cisco technology can play a role in the delivery of the highest quality care.

Creating a Premier Experience
The guiding principle of the program design was to IT-enable as many processes and systems as possible in order to align the patient and employee experience with the Cisco culture.

In order to develop a next generation clinic it was critical to understand how people are going to actually work in the space. By viewing the process from the point of view of the people, rather than technology, we found ways to change the way in which healthcare services are delivered.

The goal is to have an environment where technology is minimal in terms of physical presence but huge in terms of enablement. This facility is likely to be more about the underlying capabilities than what the patient or doctor might see on the surface. This might include capabilities like automatic check-in, seamless access to records.

The points of interaction with the system should be appropriate from the standpoint of providing information when and where it is needed. The technology should provide seamless support of the end-users goals on devices that are appropriate for a particular context of use.

Some of the current challenges in creating a premium patient experience in healthcare that we strove to overcome were:
• Lack of flexibility in accessing information.
• Limited ways to connect
• Poor communication and sharing of information

Center Website
Local news coverage

Tour of the Facility

Power-up Experts Across All Channels for Better Customer Relationships

I believe the ability to digitally connect to an expert (not contact center staff) when you need one will become main stream in the near future. In a googable world of data, facts and figures a clear way to differentiate an experience is to enable your customer to connect live to your experts or knowledgeable staff. We know customers are much more likely to buy if they interact with a human, we also know they are even more likely to buy if that person has experience with the product or solution they’re selling. There are new labor models emerging that are enabling organizations to economically extend the reach of highly-skilled people whether they are their own employees, a vendor, partner or perhaps even a customer.

This online and in-store digital connection is more than a click to chat capability. It is the ability to talk to someone using high-definition video while shopping – which is critical because 80% of people make purchase decisions while in the store. We’re beginning to see the use of high-definition video to extend the reach of the expert for processes that are complex, emotional and involve a significant financial investment (buying a car, a home, a new kitchen) because video = trust.

Our early pilot tests of high-definition video combined with the ability to share content in the store have been well received by customers. They felt the experience talking to the expert was intimate because they had their undivided attention. The experts ability to share content and view the content brought in by the customers was key to delivering a real-life experience. Once they leave the store the customer can continue the conversation with the expert through video, email, discussion posts, IM or shared spaces.

The centralization of expertise will push us to the consolidation of the customer information which might just help us to achieve that elusive vision of a true multi-channel experience.