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Great Interview with PepsiCo Director of Foresight

ManojFenelon1Check out this interview with Manoj Fenelon of PepsiCo. He has a cool title and lots of interesting things to say. He and I agree that the future of business is about value being created – it’s about more than ownership of products, it’s about ideas and advocacy more than advertising and bottom line.

He covers a few interesting topics:

  • He puts forth a great analogy of “seeds & soil” – it’s not just about have the great ideas but the organizational capability and fortitude to nurture them to bring them to life
  • The strengths and weaknesses of systems and the power of the status quo
  • The lack of empathy in some corporate circles (read my entry on how to gain empathy)
  • The strength of the soul of a brand. Here is an insightful quote:

“As I say, there‚Äôs a growing realization that passion comes from a sense of being in the same movement as the people who are running the brand”