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Beautiful Use of Augmented Reality by BMW

AR Enables Alternative Realities

There are some new apps that are delivering amazing experiences. Enabling you to see things from the past or overlay stories in the physical world.

The yet to be released Augmented Reality Cinema app promises to enable you to play video clips from movies against a physical location.

110 Stories App enables you to see what it would look like if the Twin Towers were still there.

Ford Grand C-Max Use of Augmented Reality

The Ford C-MAX augmented reality campaign ran for two weeks and successfully captured the attention of thousands of busy shoppers in a futuristic, innovative and cutting edge way. Across ten shopping malls, over 125,000 curious shoppers started the system and interacted with Ford’s Grand C-MAX vehicle via various on-screen icons such as ‘Door Slide’, ‘Seating’, ‘Power Tail’ and ‘Spin’.

The brief was to track users in the most natural way possible and allow them to ‘play’ with an interactive product advert. No markers or other symbols could be relied on; it had to ignore people walking pass while allowing precise control and selection from the user interface.

3D Manuals: A useful AR solution

Microsoft Cell Phone App Builds Photo Realistic 3D

Using augmented reality Metaio showed a demo using AR on the mobile phone to show you how to change a printer toner cartridge. Read Augmented Reality Helps you Fix Your Printer.

And it’s getting easier to convert catalogs to 3-D with just the use of a cell phone. Microsoft has built an app that will stitch together photos taken from different viewpoints of of an object.

Creative Use of Augmented Reality in Jewelry Buying

Boucheron, Tissot, and Ace Jewelers enable people to try on jewels virtually on their website through a retail tool called Holition. Customers print out a paper version of say a ring, put it on their finger and point it at the webcam. Once the product has popped up on the screen you can change the size, color or model, and then the real magical experience begins. You can move around the room and the virtual piece of jewellery or watch will follow you, wrapping round your body perfectly and mimicking reality. If there are bright lights in the room then the diamonds will twinkle, if you step into a dark patch the watch face will appear darker and all watches tell the real time by linking to the clock on the computer.

Chief executive Jonathan Chippindale of Holition talks about how 3D can boost sales by 85 percent and says that soon the question won’t be why, but why aren’t companies using it.

Boucheron IPhone App

In May 2010 Tissot created an augmented reality window display where people were handed a branded paper “watch” called a TIP ON by holding it up to the window could view themselves wearing a Tissot watch.
– 10,000 people tried it over the 2 weeks
– Counter sales up 85%
– 600% more press coverage than prior PR campaign.
– Could also try at home on the computer.